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Hotel Update

Hotel Update


To ensure your safety and comfort The Royal Marine Hotel is committed to implementing a series of measures in line with guarding against the spread of the Covid-19 virus and protecting our team and our guests during the reopening of the Hotel during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Hotel has an overall Covid-19 Management plan which has been developed in line with guidance and recommendations from the WHO, the HSE, the Irish Government through the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and the Department of Health and the Irish Hotels Federation. There follows several operational Guidelines which will be strengthened by the use of updated SOP’s for all areas where appropriate. The cornerstone of our policy will be to minimise person to person contacts through physical distancing and amended work practices which facilitates this.

The Royal Marine Hotel will communicate and manage our Covid-19 Action Plan through our Covid-19 Safety & Welfare Management team which consists of specific employee representatives and our Health & Safety Team. Our Covid-19 Team will meet daily under the direction of the General Manager. We look forward to welcoming you to The Royal Marine Hotel.

Kind regards
Aidan Ryan
General Manager


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Fáilte Ireland Covid-19 Safety Charter for our health and safety protocols.

Travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 Pandemic Please note, Ireland will be following the EU’s coordinated approach to travel restrictions in the context of COVID-19. This ‘traffic lights’ approach provides for regions across the EU and the UK to be categorised as green, orange, red or grey, on the basis of the risk levels associated with COVID-19. A combined indicator map is updated weekly by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), based on agreed criteria, including the 14-day cumulative incidence rate, testing rate and testing positivity rates. You can view this traffic light system here.  Further information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the categories of passengers not requested to restrict their movements on arrival, is available HERE.

•    Confirmations / Emails – Guests will be informed about the new Covid-19 guidelines prior to arrival.

  • WHEN YOU ARRIVE - Please note that guests are required to wear face coverings when moving throughout the hotel.
    •    You will be greeted on arrival at the entrance where guest names / party if possible are confirmed.
    •    Reception employees will encourage just one representative of each arriving group to approach the check-in desk while the others stick to physical distancing measures.
    •    Request to disinfect luggage handles on large items only prior to offering luggage assistance.
    •    If Luggage assistance is required, Luggage will be brought to the door of the guest bedroom and the porter must not enter the room and remain at safe distance from the door / guest until the guest has collected their luggage and brought it into their room.

    •    Use of safety screens at front desk for safety.
    •    Contactless check in to be provided.
    •    Safety and hygiene instructions to be given to each guest or party in line with new SOP
    •    Provide small hand sanitiser for guest usage on reception desk.
    •    Safety floor signage is in place to ensure queue safety is managed correctly and ensure physical distancing measures are maintained.


    •    All colleagues will wear PPE equipment where stipulated by Government health and the WHO guidelines.
    •    Social distancing markers will be visible on the floors.
    •    Hand sanitisers will be readily available throughout the main hotel and non-visible service areas of the hotel.
    •    Signage to encourage and remind people about regular hand cleaning and social distancing protocols will be visible throughout the hotel and non-visible service areas.
    •    Touchless payment and emailed invoices will be encouraged.
    •    Elevator signage will advise that only two guests may travel per elevator – unless they are part of a group travelling together.
    •    Furniture will be rearranged to allow for adequate social distancing.

    •    Guests should travel directly to and from their rooms by the shortest route to and from the ground floor with safety instructions posted at various locations on each corridor.
    •    Guests should not stop for prolonged periods on any part of a guest corridor or staircase which may cause that corridor or staircase to be impassable to other guests at a safe distance.
    •    Only Guests from the same party may use the elevator to a maximum of two guests at a time.
    •    Emergency staircases to be used to reduce guest traffic on Main corridors where appropriate.
    •    All common touch points on guest corridors, lifts and staircases will receive more frequent disinfection and sanitisation.

    •    Government and WHO guidelines for cleaning and sanitising guest rooms will be adhered to. Frequently touched areas will be thoroughly disinfected regularly during your stay. (ie: telephones, remote controls, handles, taps etc.). A fresh set of microfiber cloths is used for each room to avoid cross contamination.
    •    Housekeeping will open windows when servicing a room, ensuring adequate ventilation.
    •    Guests will adhere to the linen usage policy in place and linen will only be changed on each 2nd day. 
    •    We will provide room servicing upon request only. Please contact reception to arrange.
    •    All one use rooms collateral such as menus, paper and pens, magazines etc will be removed from the guest room & will be available upon request. Single use Room service paper menus will be provided. 
    •    Common touch points such as the telephone and television remote control will receive additional sanitisation measures.
    •    Team Members using PPE when servicing rooms and trained on the correct disposal of PPE.
    •    Extra pillows and blankets will only be provided on request.


  • Proof of Covid Immunity required when entering any food and beverage outlet.
  • Face coverings must be worn by customers when arriving to and departing from your table.
  • There is a maximum of six people from no more than 3 households allowed per table.
  • Dining tables will be adequately spaced apart and the number of diners will be reduced in all our Dining Outlets, in line with safety protocols.
  • Opening & Closing Times of our outlets will be provided on arrival.
  • Disposable paper napkins may be provided until further notice.
  • All condiments have been removed from dining tables and can be served to you by your waiting team.
  • Room Service – will include physical distancing measures. In-room dining will be conducted with minimal contact or you can opt to have your order left outside your door. All food is covered throughout transit.
  • All orders will be taken at tables and drinks dispensed by specific staff members and individual station waiters will be responsible for the service and hygiene of their specific stations during service.
  • Breakfast will be available by buffet, served in the Pavillion Restaurant and Carlisle Ballroom.
  • Dinner will be served in Hardy's Bar and in the Pavillion Restaurant and Carlisle Ballroom.
  • Afternoon Tea will be served in either Dún Restaurant or The Pavilion Restaurant during set hours where social distancing and flow of guests can be monitored.
  • The Bay Lounge access will need to be restricted to reflect social distancing guidelines.
  • Booking recommended for all meals to ensure availability in advance of arrival 01-2300030.
  • Walk-in guests will be limited to availability – all guests must have bookings to manage guest flow and seating capacity.
  • All tables / chairs disinfected after each guest use.

The Pier Health Club is open and is following strict HSE and Government guidelines relating to access and numbers. Please click here for the gym and pool opening times.
•    Proof of Covid Immunity required on entering Pier Health Club for access to the Spa, swimming pool and gym 
•    Swim sessions allow 45 minutes per person, with 15 minutes for changing and then 15 minutes for staff to clean area.
•    Gym Sessions will also adhere to the 45 minutes a session guideline.
•    Capacity limits are in place to ensure physical distancing.
•    Swimming hats and flip flops mandatory.
•    All classes are postponed until further notice.
•    A pool attendant will provide towels from the sign in desk on arrival.
•    Locker keys will be provided by Pier Health Club staff members on request.
•    The jacuzzi, steam room and sauna will be available with capacity limits.
•    There are toilets located at the Pier Health Club.
•    Social distancing will be in operation and the number of guests using the facility at the same time will be controlled.
•    Guests will be asked to self-regulate social distancing on gym equipment.
•    There is a reduction in the number of fitness equipment items to meet social distancing requirements with signs posted on not for use equipment.
•    While the facility will be regularly cleaned and disinfected, we will also request guests to disinfect gym equipment before and after personal use.
•    A designated employee will ensure the maximum pool capacity is not exceeded, also that the gym’s maximum capacity is not exceeded.
•    Government and WHO guidelines are used for the cleaning and sanitising protocols of all pool areas. High-touch points will be repeatedly sanitised (i.e.: chairs, handles, rails, desks etc)
•    The pool area will be pressure washed and sanitised each evening and regular chemical/chlorine checks will be done and recorded.


Our thermal area and relaxation area will be available for guests to enjoy for one hour. The jacuzzi, steam room and sauna are open.

We would like to provide our valued guests and members with some information on how we have increased our disinfecting throughout the spa in response to COVID-19. Our spa has always upheld strict hygiene protocols and the well-being of our guests has always been our priority. As we look forward to welcoming you to our spa, we would like to reassure you that the following additional protocols have been introduced, so you can feel safe and protected while you spa with us.

•    sansanaSPA will open and operate in line with industry guidelines and standards as set out by the Irish Spa Association & HSE / Department of Health Guidelines.
•    Please click here to view our current treatment menu.
•    The Spa is available by appointment only by emailing sansanaspa@royalmarine.ie or call 01 271 2563.

•    Our Spa Reception Team will welcome you upon arrival and ensure we have received your digital consultation card should you have a treatment booked.
•    The therapist will meet you at the Spa Reception and bring you directly to the treatment room for your treatments.
•    Facial treatments, manicures, pregnancy treatments are not available until further notice.
•    The therapist will wear a mask during your treatment as an enhanced safety measure.
•    Guests will be requested to wear a face mask during the treatment.
•    Robes and slippers available per request.
•    Locker keys available per request.
•    Reading material, fruit or refreshments will not be available, mineral water will be provided.
•    To keep our guests and employees safe, guests will be requested to shower in their room and wash hands prior to the treatment or can use Spa changing room with social distancing.     
•    Spa staff are practicing strict hygiene controls, including thorough handwashing, along with sanitising and ventilating treatment rooms between clients.
•    Your treatment room will have been deep cleaned and sanitised using a certified anti-bacterial spray.
•    Limited service available, contact sansanaSPA for booking sansanaspa@royalmarine.ie or call 01 271 2563.
•    Please note that normal cancelation policy applies i.e. 50% of the treatment will be charged if cancelled within 24 hours of booking occurs.

If you have visited before, you may note other small changes to our normal facilities. We have endeavoured to keep the spa as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

What you can do to help
We would like you to relax during your visit and immerse yourself into the Spa Experience. For this reason, we have taken extra measures to safeguard our guests prior to arrival. We kindly ask the following: For the safety of our guests and staff, if you or a member of your household has developed any of the following symptoms; cough, fever, breathlessness, sore throat, headaches within the last 7 days (prior to your Hotel/Spa visit) please contact the Hotel/Spa prior to arrival of your appointment or facility use.

Should you present with any symptoms of Covid-19 or feel unwell during your stay we kindly ask that you stay in your bedroom and contact our Front Desk team by dialling “0”. We will arrange for a Doctor to contact you and they will provide further instructions.

With Thanks
sansanaSPA Team

•    Meeting Room Capacity amended to reflect best social distancing practice, click here to view
•    All meeting Rooms will be sanitised after use.
•    No formal or informal events, parties or meetings can be organised on the premises for more that 6 people. Gatherings are restricted to maximum of 6 people indoors and 15 people outdoors.

•    Drinks receptions will take place in a private room.
•    There will be no self-service drinks stations and canapes must be individually served.
•    Loose furniture should be removed from the room.
•    There must be no shared items at the table. Instead water jugs must be poured by service personnel only, salt and pepper shakers and butter dishes will be available only on request.
•    There will be no family-style service of food – which means no shared vegetable and gravy dishes. Wedding afters must be served directly to each guest fully plated.
•    Employees will be asked to monitor and maintain social distancing guidelines on the dancefloor. There will signage on tables and dance floors reminding guests of the public health guidelines.

•    Guests must not congregate in large groups in any of the public areas of the hotel.
•    Guest must not block guest access routes to lefts or staircases which cause such routes to be impassable to other guests.
•    Guests should use the bathroom facilities in their own rooms only to minimise Guest to guest contact.
•    Whereby a guest must use the public restrooms, guests should maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from any person in the vicinity.
•    All common touch points on guest corridors, lefts and staircases will receive more frequent disinfection and sanitisation.
•    A smoking area is provided to the left of the front door of the hotel, furniture in these areas will be properly spaced and regularly sanitised or removed.
•    Guests should not congregate in large numbers in smoking areas and should maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from anyone else in the vicinity.

•    On Check out please use designated overflow area at desk to reduce queuing and enhance physical distancing.
•    If luggage assistance is required the Guest must place luggage at the door of the guestroom only and the luggage porter must not enter the room beyond the entrance to collect luggage.
•    We would request that all of our guests would inform the hotel post their stay of any illness or symptoms of Covid-19 so as to minimise any potential risk.

•    Prominent signage and hand sanitiser dispensers are located throughout the service and back areas of the hotel.
•    All public areas are cleaned and sanitised in line with Government and WHO guidelines. Extra care is given to sanitise high-touch points such as chair arms, tables, handrails, door handles etc.
•    Luggage carts are disinfected every four hours.
•    All soft furnishings are steamed regularly.
•    Vacuum cleaner bags are changed regularly.
•    Food Safety/HACCP* – We will continue to observe the strictest good hygiene practice across all areas of food preparation for our restaurants and in-room dining. *Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.
•    All dining areas will be ventilated after each meal period.
•    Goods delivered to the hotel will be inspected, and goods arriving in dirty containers or unsatisfactory vehicles will be immediately rejected.
•    Our loading bays are equipped with alcohol hand sanitisers for both the suppliers and our own colleagues.
•    Our goods received area will be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and after each period of use.
•    All food and food contact goods are date coded on arrival and quarantined as appropriate in a designated area. Dry goods are left for 48-72 hours before transferring them to our food stores.
•    Chilled Items – where possible outer packaging is removed on unloading, otherwise outer packaging will be cleaned using the appropriate cleaning agents.
•    Deliveries are scheduled to allow sufficient time between deliveries to adhere to our safety protocols and also allow for safe distancing during delivery times.
•    Waste collection will never coincide with linen and food deliveries.
•    Service elevators are treated in the same way as guest elevators. Social distancing among colleagues must be adhered to and the elevators are repeatedly disinfected – paying particular attention to buttons and hand rails.

•    Kitchens and food prep areas continue to be regularly sanitised and extra care is given to high-touch points. ie: food equipment, food contact surfaces, chopping boards etc.
•    We have limited the number of colleagues to a minimum and workstations have been re-arranged so that colleagues are not facing each other.
•    Colleagues will work in “teams” to reduce unnecessary interactions and contact between individual colleagues.
•    All kitchen teams wear disposable masks, gloves, hairnets and other safety equipment as dictated by HACCP based policies. All items are sanitised with appropriate cleaning chemicals, cleaned and replaced as per local policies.
•    Our chefs will limit the menus, until further notice, for quality assurance.
•    Menu choices have been revised to avoid raw foods or foods that cannot be sanitised correctly. This would include items such as non-sanitised salad greens and unpasteurised cheeses.
•    All knives and utensils are pasteurised in a dishwasher at a rinse of 82C or sterilised using an autoclave or boiling water.

•    Any colleague experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked not to attend work and to contact their local Public Health centre.
•    Hand sanitiser will be used before entering the hotel premises, throughout the day and again when leaving.
•    Colleagues have been instructed to avoid any unnecessary contact or conversation with guests. Naturally we are saddened to have to enforce this protocol, as it is out of nature, however we must keep safety to the forefront.
•    Supervisors will monitor the proper use of all PPE and ensure that it is disposed of and replaced in accordance with Government guidelines.
•    Colleagues shoes will be cleaned and disinfected before entering the building.
•    Colleague shifts are staggered to ensure adequate social distancing during break times and all colleagues will comply with the 2m social distancing rules.
•    Additional training has been provided and supervisors will continue to monitor strict compliance with regards to regular hand washing hygienic cough etiquette. Locker rooms will be thoroughly disinfected daily.
•    All windows will be kept open where possible for good ventilation.
•    Outer clothing and personal belongings will be kept inside colleague lockers.
•    Offices have been rearranged to apply to social distancing regulations.
•    We have implemented “working from home” where reasonable, to allow for more adequate office space.
•    High touch-points in offices are disinfected regularly.
•    Colleague meetings will adhere to social distancing protocol and all necessary sanitisation of meeting space will be implemented. Windows will be open for adequate ventilation and tables/chairs etc will b