Treatment Chambers

Royal Marine Hotel – Luxury Spa Breaks and Experiences in Dublin.

sansanaSPA is equipped with three specialised and luxury treatment chambers which provide specialised treatments which will cleanse revive the body and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Below is a brief description of these specialised chamber experiences:

Hydrotherapy Chamber

Perfect for tired and aching bodies, let the warm water jets soothe your entire body while your mind gently becomes seduced into a state of total relaxation. 

Dry Floatation Chamber

This is a total weightlessness treatment where your body is enveloped in warm water while you stay dry.

Mud Chamber

Treat your body to a soothing mud cleansing ceremony.Self applied mud cleanses & revives your body, while a tropical rain shower softly washes away the mud leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and radiant.

Appointments & Enquiries

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